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The Dynamic Wheel Group was founded in 1995.  Since its inception, it has grown to represent more than a dozen brands related to aftermarket wheels.  The company now boasts warehouse locations in Southern California, Texas, Indiana and North Carolina.  With forged and cast wheels, tires and tpms sensors, Dynamic Wheel Group has your vehicle covered no matter the terrain.  No terrain, dirt trails or city streets can hide from rides sporting our products.

It’s said nothing beats experience.  We fully embrace that statement.  Gary Jerjerian, the founder of DWG, has been in the business over 30 years.  Each Managing Partner of the individual brands has decades of aftermarket wheel experience.  Members of our sales staff are not far behind.  They know vehicles and fitments because they worked as installers before moving into sales years ago.  Our marketing staff has a mix of young social media savvy staffers and seasoned designers with decades of advertising, video, web and print media experience.

Dynamic Wheel Group’s skilled wheel designers have been bringing our unique wheels to the market since the very beginning.  Inserts… that was us.  We also were the first to bring multi-insert to the market.  Nobody was doing back-facing mirror reflective inserts before us either.  Even if it’s not bling, we know the direction the market is going.  Be it chrome, paint, milling, varnish or powder-coating, we don’t just adapt to what the industry is doing.  We lead the way.  We set the trends.

This all means that we know the business and know how to make a splash within it.  Not only do we sell wheels that will fit your ride, we can drill and machine wheels in-house.  This means we often have solutions unavailable elsewhere.  With local delivery options as well as vast shipping experience, we get you what you need when you need it.

Our established brands have become very well known.  This is not by accident.  We invest heavily into promoting both existing and new brands.  We are active in print, online/social media and live events.  This is not the case with all wheel companies and those brands come and go.  You know brands like Diablo, Curva Concepts and Hardrock Offroad will still be around long after most of the competition has faded away.  Our new brands will continue to gain notoriety.

Dynamic Wheel Group was established to provide aftermarket products for anyone in need.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO in a BMW, a good ‘ol boy in a Jeep or a playboy looking to boost your street cred.  We have the wheels for you.  Your ride will turn heads and and your peers will take notice.